Intellectual property & Intellectual property Rights: Intellectual property refers to creation of works like artistic, literary, dramatic, inventions, logos, symbols, well-known marks, and many more are considered as IP.
Intellectual property Rights which are intended to protect such property is called as Intellectual property rights.

Types of Intellectual property

  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Industrial design

Intellectual Property in India

In India patent act was introduced in 1956. After independence a comprehensive bill on patent rights enacted in year 1970 called as “The patent Act, 1970”.

Copyrights in India are protected under “Copyright Act 1957”.

Trademarks in India are protected under “Trade Marks Act1999”.

Industrial designs are protected under “The Design Act, 2000”.

World Intellectual Property Organisation

World Intellectual Property Organization( WIPO ) is a specialized agency of United Nations. WIPO dedicated to developing balanced and accessible IP system.

WIPO was esteblished in 1967 by WIPO convention. It mandates all its member states to promote protection of IP with co-oporation among states and with collaboration with each-other.

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