Chapter 2 Patent


Definition: patent is an exclusive right given for an invention for a limited period of time in exchange or full disclosure of his invention. Patentability requirements Invention should have an industrial application. Invention should be novel. Invention should have an inventive step. Invenrtion should be directed to patentable subject matter. Non-patentable inventions: Inventions that contrary … Read more

Chapter 5 Industrial Design

industrial design

Industrial Design Definition: The service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimizes the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for benefit of user and manufacturer is called as Industrial Design. Design may consist of three-dimensional features such as shape or suface of an article, or it can be two dimensional features … Read more

Chapter 1-Introduction to IPR ( Intellectual Property Rights )

Intellectual property & Intellectual property Rights: Intellectual property refers to creation of works like artistic, literary, dramatic, inventions, logos, symbols, well-known marks, and many more are considered as IP.Intellectual property Rights which are intended to protect such property is called as Intellectual property rights. Types of Intellectual property Patent Copyright Trademark Industrial design Intellectual Property … Read more

Chapter 4 Trademarks


Definition : A trademark can be defined as a mark which can be represented graphically and that mark is capable of distinguishing goods and services of a person/company with their competetors. To be able to register a trademark it should be distinctive and should be capable of representng graphically. Different types of Trademarks: Logo: Logo … Read more