getchar Function in c

Getchar Function in C This function is a c standard library function found in stdio header file. Function prototype is as follows: #include<stdio.h> int getchar(void); Return Type : int ,…

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Type conversion in C Programming

What is Type Conversion in C Programming? Type conversion means, conversion of one type to another. There are two types of type conversion, they are Implicit type conversionExplicit type conversion…

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strcmp Function in c
strcmp( ) in C programming language

strcmp Function in c

If you looking for strcmp function in c programming read this blog post completely. What is strcmp in C? strcmp function is used to compare two strings. If both strings…

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getch Function in c

What is getch() in C? getch is a non-standard pre-defined function in C. It is mostly used in MS-DOS compilers. Its function is to hold the screen until the user…

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Hello world Program in C

Introduction "Hello World! C Program" can be easily written in c programming language using printf function which prints characters on to terminal. For using printf first we have to include…

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