How to calculate simple interest?

Simple interest can be calculated using the formula: Simple Interest SI=(p*t*r)/100.

Here p is the principal amount. For this amount we are calculating the interest. t is the timeperiod and r is the interest rate.

Take input of p,t and r then multiply them and after that divide them by 100 and which results in rate of interest.

c program to find simple interest

int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
	int p,t,r;
	printf("\n\n\tEnter principal, time and rate of interest:\n\t");
	float interest=(p*t*r)/100;
	printf("\n\tInterest amount is %f\n\n",interest);
	return 0;


	Enter principal, time and rate of interest:
	1000 1 25

	Interest amount is 250.000000
Output for c program to find simple interest

People also ask

how to find simple interest in c program?

You can find it using formula i=(ptr/100). float interest=(p*t*r)/100;